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The Life I Noticed

The Life I Noticed



Novel 4 of 5

The Life I Noticed


In this inspiring sequel to The Life I Didn't Notice, Lilly Fiels awakens from a near death experience grieving the loss of her former love, Lazlo. In her despair she struggles to rationalize the miraculous minute she experienced in Heaven. 


Unsure as to why she was granted a second chance at life she reluctantly learns to surrender and embrace the seven regrets she faced in Heaven as inspired gifts. Only through acceptance does Lilly's true journey of healing begin. 


By courageously rebuilding her life she opens her heart and pursues her long held childhood dream. By striving to notice her life, she divinely inspires others around her to notice theirs.    


Her new path sets her on a collision course of compassion, sacrifice and deeper levels of awareness for the life she was meant to live. 


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