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Why am I Here?

Why am I Here?


Novel 2 of 5

Why am I here?


This inspiring novel is written to help you explore your deeper WHY in a more transformational way... helping you dig deeper into the universal power when we collectively remember our deeper reason for being.


In the WHOLE the little soul known as the "Whisperer" is invited to re-discover the deeper WHY that has forsaken in his past incarnations ~ his true reason for being is to whisper the forgotten language into the hearts of humanity.


Through his spiritual journey the little soul is introduced to the 7 Sacred Souls ~ the Branches of Why that support the Tree of Life and reconnect his deeper purpose with the Soul of the Universe.


Why am I here? is an inspiring novel meant to re-connect humanity to the "Big Picture" of why we exist.


This novel is written, read and personally illustrated by #whyguy Gerry Visca and deeply connected to his mission to inspire 1 Million WHY's in our world.  


A little boy is cradled into the Soul of the WHOLE; the origin of everyone's deeper WHY. Within this sacred place, he meets the Seven Sacred Souls (Love, Light, Truth, Bliss, Time, Forgiveness and Death). He's presented with a glimpse of his deeper reason for being; to whisper the forgotten language of the universe into the hearts of humanity. His voyage continues a few lifetimes later as a young man struggling to define his deeper purpose in life. Through a wondrous journey across Africa and Egypt, he is mysteriously reconnected with the Sacred Souls who guide him towards the ultimate acceptance of his deeper WHY.

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