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WHY AM i HERE? Novel ~ Part 1

WHY AM i HERE? Novel ~ Part 1



The new inspiring novel titled: "WHY AM i HERE?" ~ a Soul's Purpose. 

Written and Read by Gerry Visca. 



There is an innocence of truth in my newest inspiring novel. My intention is to present readers with a window into our soul's origin and the hidden mysteries of our universe. Through its prose and illustrations this novel exists to inspire a richer understanding of who we are and why we're truly here.



A little boy is cradled into the Soul of the WHOLE; the origin of everyone's deeper WHY. Within this sacred place, he meets the Seven Sacred Souls (Love, Light, Truth, Bliss, Time, Forgiveness and Death). He's presented with a glimpse of his deeper reason for being; to whisper the forgotten language of the universe into the hearts of humanity.


The wondrous spiritual quest that Gerry Visca takes the reader is one that we are all on in this lifetime. He guides us across the African plains to the sandy dunes of Egypt as the little Soul's voyage continues lifetimes later as a young man struggling to accept the deeper meaning of life and one's unique role in the universe. Along this remarkable journey, he is mysteriously reconnected with illuminating characters and a deeper understanding of his Soul's true purpose. This is a book that inspires and challenges readers to ask and answer life's biggest question:

Why am I here?


Download all 3 PARTS for the full audio book experience.  

Also avalable as 300 page soft copy ~ illustrated version.  

Order 7 copies to start your WHY BOOK CLUB 


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