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I exist to help you answer the ONLY question that matters ~ Why am I here?
From architecture to a world of inspiration, Gerry Visca is inspiring One Million WHYs.

As the WHY GUY, he ignites WHY POWER as an inspirational speaker, award-winning branding expert,20-Time transformational author, novelist, Canada's Creative Coach and Founding Publisher of the "I KNOW WHY!" book series, one the largest movements of everyday people doing extraordinary things. 

Gerry has inspired leaders across seven countries as an inspirational speaker with prestigious speaking bureaus. Gerry has dedicated his understanding and innate gifts on the power of WHY towards writing and publishing transformational works and launching WHY platforms that support leaders, and entrepreneurs all over the world. 

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GOODLIFE FITNESS - World Fitness Expo - CANFITPRO - Ontario Association of Sand and Gravel - Eye Recommend Canadian Tour - Premier Tech - Quebec - Call Centre Expo, Istanbul, Turkey - Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM) - CSAE Conference - EUROPACE Congress, Madrid, Spain – Winter Arrhythmia School – BIOTRONIK, Berlin, Germany – Ryerson University - QUEENS University Entrepreneur Program - ISES - CAA International - DOMINO'S National Sales - Innovation in Istanbul, Turkey - DISCOUNT Car & Truck Rental’s NSM, Canada - Canadian Chambers of Commerce in BC, Canada - Ontario Career Colleges Conference - JACK CANFIELD  - The Phenomenal View Speakers Series - Chambers of Commerce NSM

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  • REACH  ~  a NEW ROI FOR THE WORLD (Awareness of our deeper WHY and it's ability to shift human consciousness)  

  • WE EXIST ~ WHY ARE WE HERE? (Influencing others with deeper levels of Passion + Purpose)

  • WHY ~ WORLD HELPED BY YOU  (Igniting the (5) pillars of WHY Power)

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Why Time ~ An Energy that Lasts!



Are you truly tapped into and on fire with why you exist as a leader? Are you living this deeper WHY and engaging others around you with it? Without that clear and compelling WHY, that Gerry Visca defines as the: World Helped by You, it's difficult to truly connect with brand and the world around you. It is an organizations deeper driving WHY that inspires others to want to help bring a compelling vision to life, even in times of challenge and change. Although the concept of WHY seems self-evident in today’s leadership world; IGNITING and LIVING it is the biggest opportunity to impact our world today.



Gerry Visca exists to inspire and engage top leaders with a deeper WHY POWER. He is a master inspirator with a passion for helping leaders ignite, define and connect to their deeper WHY. He rivets audiences with meaningful and lasting experiences. He is a 22-time author, transformational novelist, an international award-winning branding expert and global publisher. He is recognized internationally as an authority on WHY-OLOGY; the devotion to why we truly exist, He creatively supports people and organizations with the foundation to build a thriving culture through knowing why.


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Inspiring Feedback across the Globe

“With your creative inspiration, we were extremely effective to advance our projects.  I very much appreciate your EXCEPTIONAL and MOTIVATING support -- You're the best global speaker and I am so happy I found you!   

Pamela Hyman, VP CRM, Germany

“Gerry is a multi-talented speaker who can connect with audiences of all ages beginning as young as 5 years of age.  Among his many great strengths as a speaker the following would distinguish him as a speaker with the National Speakers Bureau: connection, creativity and empathy, not to mention Gerry lives the subject matter and is passionate about helping others do the same.

MO Hagan, VP Goodlife Fitness & canfitpro, London

"Gerry Visca's opening Key Note at the CSCM conference in Ottawa received tremendous praise from our delegates: impressive, high energy, awesome, positive, great & entertaining.

Brooke Phemister, Conference Manager, CSCM, Ottawa

"Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series recently published Gerry Visca in his newest book: Living the Success Principles.  He notes that Gerry Visca has created a world where everyday people are inspired to do extraordinary things.  He knows and lives his WHY every single day.

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