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The Writer's Café

A 2-week online getaway for writers.

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Create a powerful success habit with your writing... 


What is the writer's café?

Begins November 6th, 2022

A 14-day on line getaway for writers - each day you log in for

30 minutes and receive a guided
meditation to open and inspire your writing and a simple exercise to explore.

If you just know that there is something in you to write or you even have an inkling of it, that’s all
you need - write you must. But this busy world doesn’t make it easy for us to carve out that space and time to devote to this verse within us, the one that cannot be silenced…
So we thought what a lovely idea to create a little getaway for you - over 2 weeks to devote to
exploring your creation or getting back to it if you have drifted away. It’s easy to access even in the busyness of the everyday and the best part is that after 2 weeks you will feel amazing about
yourself and your writing and where it is meant to go…


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Learn the way to create inspired momentum to keep your writing alive. 


A gift to yourself ...



26-time award-winning author,

5-time transformational novelist

and screenwriter...

~ Gerry Visca 


About the getaway - a gift to yourself...

Begins November 6th, 2022

Most writers get in their own way and in their head about their writing. It’s also very challenging
to get into a sense of rhythm around it. This is for you:

  • If you love to write but are unsure if you should pursue it.

  • If you have gotten off track with your writing.

  • If you feel discouraged about writing or your writing.

  • If you feel lost about your path and wonder if you should continue writing.

  • If you are judging yourself as a writer.

This is for you! It’s easy to access even with a busy schedule, it’s inspiring and it’s a safe space
for you to find or reconnect with your passion for writing, rekindle that love for writing and build
new levels of belief in yourself as a writer.

Topics we’ll cover:

- Acknowledging Self.
- Defining your point of arrival.
- Defining what success as a writer looks like for you.
- Nurturing your craft.
- Taking care of yourself.
- Making your writing your own.
the outline of your creation or year ahead as a writer.

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The café is a safe, respectful and encouraging space for you. We guide and support you during our time together.


The Writer's Café 

Begins November 6th, 2022

There is a verse inside the heart of every being and you don’t need a degree in writing to begin or to be a writer. It’s just in you. Through writing the world evolved and is because we wrote our stories and shared them. Writing has the potential to inspire, to heal and lead us in a new direction. So we write and we support writers.

What to expect

Everyday for 2 weeks you will log into the Writer’s Café. Think of this
30 minutes each day for 14 days as a little coffee or tea break for you, a little time just for you...devoted to your craft.

Pick a time each day that works for you and try your best to commit to this writing getaway.

Everyday when you stop by the café you will be introduced to a new inspiring discussion topic, you’ll listen to a short guided meditation to inspire your writer's mind and receive a simple task to
complete at your convenience and we’ll share and discuss our progress at our inspired group call. If you cannot make the group call it will be recorded.

2-weeks of finding your voice

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PreLaunch Stories Jan-13.jpg
PreLaunch Stories Jan-14.jpg


In this getaway you will be inspired to:

  • Create a daily structure and easy way to connect with the writer in you.

  • Reconnect and deepen your writer's voice. 

  • Keep the momentum of your writing alive. 



- We believe in you as a writer and what you say matters.

- We believe in helping you create a sense of urgency around your writing - you don’t have all he time in the world.- We support and help you feel that you are not alone, because writing can be a very lonely journey.

- Writers give a lot but it’s not easy to receive so this getaway is also a bit of self care for your writer's soul.



14 days of guided inspiration facilitated by Gerry Visca and Angela Kontgen:

- Online access to the Writer's Café portal

- 14 days of daily special 30-minute audio recordings (meditation, inspiration, and one inspired simple action)

-  Access to two ZOOM group calls to connect with other writers



- Acknowledging Self

- Defining your point of arrival

- Defining what success as a writer looks like for you

- Nurturing your craft

- Taking care of yourself

- Making your writing your own the outline of your creation or year ahead as a writer

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Your guidance and support through this magnificent process is phenomenal. I am so excited to be on this amazing journey .

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The world is a better place with your dedication and commitment. I am truly proud to be a part of your mission.



Your novels should become required reading in high school. Gerry Visca is the modern day Dr.  Seuss! 

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