The BIGGER Story

WHYGUY's 6-week writing course connecting your story to your BIGGER WHY

LIVE courses scheduled Tuesday Evenings from 8-9pm EST via ZOOM.

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What's the Bigger Story?

WAVE 4 begins May 31st, 2022


Join me in this 6-week course that guides you in connecting your BIGGER story with your BIGGER WHY ~ your true reason for being. This is the inspiration you've been seeking; the way to express and honour what has always been deep inside you!

You've begun to hear the whisper, the one urging you to express what's always been there. You have been seeking it your whole life and it's growing louder with the passing of time.  The moment has arrived for you to share your BIGGER story.

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Listen to your Soul's Whisper...

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Share the Bigger Picture...

WAVE 4 begins May 31st, 2022


You have an inkling of something bigger waiting for you on the horizon. You feel its pull, the calling to create:

  • a life of greater meaning.

  • a life of deeper purpose.

  • a life of knowing WHY.

WAVE 4 - WHY WISDOM is helping new writers ignite their deeper coaching insights (your WHY WISDOM) and learning the way to integrate it into your PRO-speaker platform, your coaching programs, your world-class workshops. Learn the way to write and create a sensational self-help book that connects ALL of your wisdom with audiences and readers.

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The World Helped by You...

WAVE 4 begins May 31st, 2022


This is my inspired definition of living your BIGGER WHY ~ World Helped by You. This calling to remember why we are here lives and breathes in all of us. Now, more than ever, your soul needs to express itself. It needs to come alive with Passion and Purpose. This is the BIGGER WHY and it can no longer hide in the shadows. It needs to bellow from the rooftops and proudly proclaim your BIGGER story:

  • This is WHY I am here and I need you to know WHY!

This is my BIGGER story...

Inspiring 1 MILLION WHYS

I'm #WHYGUY Gerry Visca, a transformational novelist, screenwriter and visionary. I too experienced a similar stirring within my soul over 21 years ago. Like you I had a nagging desire to share my BIGGER story and inspire the world to action.

  • For things to change I had to first become the change.

The inspiration that I was seeking was also seeking me so I decided to become 'Inspiration' itself. I took action. I created the discipline by carving out an hour every Friday during a time in my life where every precious moment mattered. Then again, is that not what life is all about, a collection of precious moments?

I chose to leave the field of architecture that I was educated and trained in. This was the 'first door' that I stepped through... letting go of what no longer mattered.

I started a boutique branding agency: 'Redchair Branding' creatively directing a team of 15 artists and completing over 1,000 projects. We captured a series of international branding/marketing awards and the pressure only intensified with every passing year.

My soul stirred like a Tsunami. I felt the pull to a different life, a meaningful life as a writer and an Inspired Publisher. That's when I intensified my writing time: 1 consistent hour on a Friday for 2 years. With belief and persistence I released my first book titled: 'What have you got to win?' 

Open Door No. 2. A year later, I released a second book titled: 'Get Creative.'  I felt like Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings on a new quest to change the world. My journey sparked a national speaking tour, attracting one of North America's most prestigious speaking bureaus. My career as a PRO-SPEAKER expanded internationally and attracted numerous media interviews.

Door No. 3 cracked open and I transformed our branding agency into a boutique publishing house publishing a dozen self-help books like: I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing, a series of audio books, a global magazine, 10 collaborative books with 200 #WHYTIME authors and 2 back to back autobiographical books.

Door No. 4 opened a new way of listening to people's soul... thousands of #WHYTIME sessions emerged with everyday people and back to back writing retreats in Tuscany and more touring across the globe.

Door No. 5 deepened my climb into my soul. I felt an insatiable desire and calling to write transformational novels. It was around the time my father passed away. I felt my soul connecting to a far greater purpose. I wrote 4 transformational novels over the next 5 years.


Door No. 6 was about differentiation. We decided to 'Get Creative' and release The Life I Didn't Notice (my 3rd novel) as a travelling manuscript to 100 passionate readers across the globe. This led to the writing of a sequel and a 700-page movie series screenplay and storyboards. I attracted film professionals that helped me pitch the series to the largest film studio in the world. After 25 published books and inspiring 1 MILLION WHYS I'm just getting started.

So, what's your BIGGER story? I think it's time we dig deeper and share it with the world, don't you?

6-weeks of finding your voice

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In this course you will learn the way to:

  • Integrate your deeper Why and your Why Brand into your writing.  

  • Create a story that connects your deeper Why with the hearts of others.  

  • Compose your story like a professional.



Sit in on LIVE intensives as #whyguy shows you his top ways to connect your story with the hearts of  readers... 

  • Create engaging touch points. 

  • Write query letters for speaking opportunities.

  • Publish your story in our 2022 issue of WHYTIME MAG. 


Connect your story...

In this course you will learn the way to:

  • Create  the discipline to write.

  • Harness new ways of listening to your soul and take powerful actions.

  • Get Creative with proven tools and techniques of Inspired Publishing. 

  • Write your story from a soul-inspired place and connect it with the hearts of your readers.



Upon Registration you receive:

  • Download my new e-book: 'Moving the World' a life guide of inspired action.

  • Download my audio book: 'I Don't Know What the HELL I'm Doing!'

  • Download 'My Why' writing journal.

  • Sit in on 6 weeks of LIVE (recorded) 45-minute training sessions. 

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Your guidance and support through this magnificent process is phenomenal. I am so excited to be on this amazing journey .

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The world is a better place with your dedication and commitment. I am truly proud to be a part of your mission.



Your novels should become required reading in high school. Gerry Visca is the modern day Dr.  Seuss!