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A Part of Me

We're losing the best parts of ourselves to an illusory way of being. The seeds of our soul scatter across fields of digital plantations.

Never seeing the light.

Starving for growth.

Searching for meaningful connection.

It's a digital blackhole for the soul. Inescapable. All consuming. It's the ultimate dopamine addiction of the 21st century. A system created for ONE soulless reason:

To trap our spirit and cage us from becoming who we are meant to be.

We spend countless hours looking down, lost in comparison, struggling to remain relevant, hopelessly treading in a binary sea, searching for the promised land.

A part of me lives outside of this manic matrix. It seeks a profound connection to the human soul. I feel like a traveler in a foreign land. I no longer recognize this world.

What is real?

I want to feel my life... all of it, beyond a two-dimensional frame. I want to break free. Inhale the richness of my one precious life.

I want to create beauty.

I need to see others.

I long to hear the whisper of souls.

I desire to push through the surface, breathe in the salty air, reawaken my senses and dance with the soul of life.

The best part of me doesn't dwell in your digital frontier, it thrives in the margins. It springs off the pages of the novels I compose... the highest expression of my soul.

Embrace me. Feel the strokes of my pen gliding purposefully across the pages.

Press me close to your heart.

Feel my love.

Invite me into your dreams.

Let's shoot for the moon and dangle on a star for I am the soul of imagination and my spirit won't be tethered within the land of more.

I know why I'm here.

I don't need you telling me how to think!

I have a soul of my own. It's the best part of me. Real, unplugged, Instagram-free, whole and complete. It's my legacy of love.

It's a part of me that will dance with the universe long after you've moved on.

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