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It's hard to LET GO

Let's face it, saying goodbye is never easy but then again new beginnings are forged from the ashes of endings.

We live in a world of continual change. The cosmos indicates that our vast universe is still expanding yet a deeper understanding of GOD reveals that our lives are nothing short of a miracle.

Time my friend is the key to letting GO.

It's the fulcrum... the leverage.

When we view time from a wider lens we can look beyond ourselves, our current situation, our 'personal story' and witness a vast horizon brimming with brilliant sunrises and glorious sunsets.

Much of human suffering stems from our inability to release the past in all of its complexity and contradiction: Friends, colleagues, accolades, opportunities...

In the end what our soul seeks is a deeper sense of harmony, inner peace and balance.

The root of suffering is that we fear change... ending that which no longer serves you and your higher purpose.

Why do we hold on?

Why do we resist change that we intuitively know will change the game?

Fear of missing out?

Fear of the unknown?

Fear of feedback?

Fear of hurting others?

Clinging to what no longer serves us is like a weed, chocking out the light from reaching the roots of who we really are and what we wish to become.

To LET GO is to LET GOD.



Release the past and allow life's lessons to nurture new beginnings. LET GO and let the love for who you are and all that you are meant to be flourish for the world to see.

We shape our experiences thereafter they shape us.

The time has come to LET GO of who you were and become what you wish to be with the moments you have

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