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Plugged into Life

People told me when you build a cabin in the Laurentian mountains prepare for days without power. At the time I didn't give it much energy. Existing in the Tuscan fields we were used to power outages--it's just part of good old fashioned liv'n!

We've been in our cozy cabin since December 23rd. I'm surprised to say we haven't had any power outages. I've held off adding a generator thinking we're only a couple months away from Spring.

Today, we experienced our first outage. Angela's daughter has been staying with us for the week so naturally I want her to experience the wondrous beauty that our new Scandinavian cabin has to offer.

The last couple of days have been filled with moments of connection:

  • cozy nights by a warm fire

  • comfort cuisine

  • puzzle making

  • laughter and smiles . . .

It's amazing what life in the Laurentian's brings. It's one of the things Angela and I were craving most--connection to the people we love. It was the catalyst for creating "The Place" . . . a return to a simpler life . . . a life of noticing . . . a life of living what matters.

So, despite our temporary power outage, I feel more "plugged into life" than ever before.

There are things we just can't control and those are opportunities for our greatest growth. It's how we choose to react when things don't go our way. Angela and I chose to leave our fast-paced "condo life behind in search for something new. With change comes discomfort. Without it, our life becomes dull like a cutting knife neglected overtime.

What I know for certain is that I have everything I need now to live of fulfilled life. The "power" exist within me. It always has. It's my faith and relentless belief in who I am and why I'm here that fuels my soul. I'm on fire for the life we have created. Even though our journey has just begun, I know I've arrived.

Sitting here in our favorite cafe, Mickeys, a frothy latte in hand, my writing satchel filled with pads and gel pens, the snow feathering in the morning light, I'm plugged into life for the very first time--the life I meant to live.

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