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What am I Meant to See?

I feel the stirring within my soul urging me to contemplate this question, more and more.

What am I meant to see?

My soul. The oldest part of me... the whisper I chose not to listen to during the 'unconscious years' of my life. He resembles a petulant child in a candy store urging me to look up and see the bigger picture of my life... the gifts I'm meant to see.

My soul. The wiser way of my being. He engrains himself within my daily ritual.

  • Grinding the beams for my freshly-brewed coffee.

  • Grinning cheekily from the branches of the old willow tree.

  • Hiding himself within the margins of the latest novel.

This morning on my walk I find myself looking up. My eyes filled with tears of despair. That's when I hear the whisper.

"What's troubling you now, Why Guy?"

"Haven't I done enough for this world?" I answer.

"The world's not done with you yet!"

A pain shudders and stirs a nerve recalling a recent dental visit. "But I've expressed the highest version of myself. Isn't that what you wanted from me?"

"I want what every soul desires, Why Guy."

"What's that?"

"For human beings to ascend."

I look up to the sky in bewilderment. "Ascend to where?"


I peer up into the branches. "Hello... are you still there?" My body shudders annoyingly.

"I'm always here... that's the point, Why Guy!"

"What point are you trying to make?"

"That you're still not paying attention."

"To what?"

"To the signs. You're still looking in all the wrong places."

"So, where should I be looking?"


Just then, the sun pushes its way out from the clouds. The line between Heaven and earth is blurred. I can't look away. This moment is a miracle. Moments later, a frosted wintry breeze dances on my cheeks and I hear the whisper of my soul.

"You've already arrived, Why Guy... you ALL have."

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