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Who Farted?


"Breaking Free from the Norm."
~ Gerry Visca

We enter this world uniquely different, one-of-a-kind and imperfectly perfect. Our parents grin with admiration and pride as they gaze upon their precious creation. Upon inhaling our first taste of fresh air something indefinable occurs and you hear the words: “Hey, our little darling looks just like your dad!” Seconds later without warning the doctor brands you with a slap on your ass and welcomes you to the human race.

As you lay there wrapped like a mummy in a swaddling blue blanket that thousands of newborns wore before you, your first thought enters your consciousness: “Perhaps I’m not so different after all.” Years pass and you find a newly-pressed blue uniform resting at the foot of your bed. You’re six years old and like most human beings, you have no idea who you really are.

Moments later, a bright yellow bus appears and you’re ushered to a private school where hundreds of identical looking children stand before you and you feel as if you’ve entered the “The Twilight Zone.”

“Single aisle.

Draw inside the lines.

Raise your hand.

Stand in the corner.

Wait tour turn.”

“Is this is the human race?” you ask yourself.

A strange sensation begins to expand within the depths of your very being. Suddenly, everything around you is blurred. A sense of inner knowing begins to emerge like a sleeping volcano. You want to leap and shout from the top of your desk. You desire to break free from the shackles of your blue uniform. A whisper within the oldest part of you, your Soul is nudging you to STAND OUT from the crowd and declare with sheer determination that you are DIFFERENT!

The room is silent. All you hear is the pounding of your heart. Everyone’s eyes are deeply fixated on yours. You rise from your desk and gently raise a leg. What follows is a defiant bellow from your inner self breaking free and re-claiming your one precious life.


As the teacher drags you down the hallway tugging on your one ear. You smile with sheer delight as you glimpse a vision of your future self, free, curious and full of wonder for the world.

Stay tuned for the release of Gerry Visca's newest non-spiritual guide to breaking free from the norm.

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