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Your STORY Matters

Your story is the SEED of the life you were meant to live -- the origin of WHY you are here and what you desire to create. It's an explosive life force that nurtures all of your relationships, innovations and creations. It connects to the hearts of the people you serve.

Your story is TIMELESS

There is something so profound and uniquely YOU. You entered this world as you and you'll leave it as YOU. Your STORY connects your soul to the soul of the world.

Your story is OXYGEN

You are a living, breathing human being filled with unbridled passion. Your unique purpose is a celebration of your gifts. You are pure, raw and infinite energy. Your very existence is proof that you matter. So, what new vision will you create for humanity? What are your unwrapped gifts that we are meant to experience?

Your story is REMARKABLE

Your story is alive with possibility it just needs to be uniquely told and connected with the people that matter -- to the hearts and souls of the people you serve.

Your story is YOU.

There is and will ever be only one of you so why not become the best version of yourself with the limited time you have been gifted. You don't need to follow the crowd. You'll create a greater impact on the world when you choose to ZIG while the "others" unconsciously ZAG.

Your STORY matters to me.

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