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[BEING] human

For me, inspiring a movement of 'Everyday people doing Extraordinary things' evolved from a radical desire to reconnect to what it truly means to be human.

These past years Angela and I have loved pouring our life force toward helping Everyday people IGNITE + LIVE their deeper, driving WHY... their true reason for being. Whether we are creating and publishing REAL books and publications dripping with REAL inspiration, launching soulful retreats in Tuscany or writing inspiring novels and movie screenplays, we focus on the fiery passion, driving purpose and meaningful outcomes that inspire us all to live a life of deeper meaning.

Regardless of what the land of more tells us we should be... at the end of it all, we are connected. Everything is one. We universally seek happiness, inner peace and balance in our daily lives.

We have an innate desire to know that our life mattered...

- that we didn't simply exist to pay the bills, to gain popularity in the external world but rather, through the conscious awareness and action of our deeper WHY, we inspired a fellow human being to look up, notice what matters and create the life we are meant to live.

The key to leading a more fulfilling life is to define your BIGGER STORY now... not someday but in the present moment - where all the gifts of life live and breathe. The BIGGER STORY is about disentangling yourself from the past, looking forward, BEING your best self and proudly sharing that the World is Helped by You.

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