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Don't Forget Who You Really Are...

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Don't forget who you really are...

The phrase rushes through my soul like a herd of wild horses. The wind carries me to the edge of existence. I find myself gazing out across a chasm of longing... a desire to reconnect to my soul's deeper purpose.

Don't forget who you really are...

I thought I knew.

I created the space.

I listened to the whisper of 1 million souls.

I wept alongside each of them.

I was one with their reason for being.

Their deeper why scorched my heart like a never ending flame.

Don't forget who you really are...

My father's spirit calls out in the stillness of the night. Omniscient. It is my calling, my reason for being... the BIGGER why: to dance with the warriors of light - to help them remember who they are and why they're here.

It's the BIGGER story... the BIGGER why...
the untold truth of who you really are.

You won't find it scrolling the news feed no matter how deep you dig.

It resides in the margins of your soul. It's the key you've been seeking your whole life.

The BIGGER story cares little about what you've been doing with your life.

It's not about titles, roles or ranks.

It's the BIGGER picture of you, the unwritten screenplay of your life. The deleted scenes. The rewrites, the footnotes... all of it!

It's what you'll be remembered for long after the fat lady sings.

It's the candle in the wind. The tale that future generations share across an open flame.

It's the story of legends... the wondrous journey of heroes and heroines.

So up with the curtain,

on with the lights.

This is it,

the height of heights.

It's the BIGGER story.

The flash.

The return to love.

A spark of wild abandon.

The unbridled joy.

Don't forget who you really are...

because if you do then we'll all be lost.

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