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From the soul...

This journey of writing spiritual novels has rewarded me with meeting extraordinary human beings—#whytimers. Each person is a profound teacher. A miracle reminding me as to why my soul is here and what I desire to express. After writing over seventeen self-help and collaborative books, I chose to dedicate my life capturing spiritual teachings in story form as a more meaningful way to learn and evolve. The moment I chose to listen to my soul is the moment I awoke to my higher calling—a deeper way of serving the world. I write spiritual novels as a way of exploring what is in my soul. The ultimate expression of my higher self. An intrinsic power lives and breathes within a story. Timeless. We heal. We love and we connect through a transformational story.

Spiritual novels possess the ability of whisking us off on a journey toward a higher place—defying the illusion of time and space. These stories help us rediscover the highest part of ourselves, hidden between the lines—the treasures we bury in the sand. I want to thank my love, Angela Kontgen. She has served not only as my loving collaborator and my creative muse but as my greatest angel. She guides my soul toward becoming the man I aspire to be. She grounds me with her selfless devotion. Every novel is a love letter reminding her of the gifts she presented me—the gift of noticing and creating the life I was meant to live.

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Renata Kiss
Renata Kiss
Jul 13, 2022

I truly resonate with your words of listening to your soul and discovering a higher calling. Through my experiences writing in yours and Angela’s collaborative book projects something deeper and more meaningful is revealing itself in my life…the higher calling is beginning to reveal itself. Thank you for sharing your soul’s journey through storey, through your novels. Laz and Lilly touch my heart.

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