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Shoot for the Moon and land on a Star!

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The late Steve Jobs once said,

'People With Passion Can Change The World'

Just before we blast off let's take a deeper dive into Passion and the reason it's so vital to igniting and living your deeper WHY; your true reason for being. Passion is the "booster rocket" for your deeper WHY. It fires up your soul with unbridled joy and let's face it, in a numbed out world it's even more vital that you begin to harness this energy force for without it you just can't create and experience what is in your soul to express.

Passion is the first stage in the WHY EQUATION: [Passion + Purpose = Outcome]

The way to begin tapping into this WHY POWER is asking yourself three essential questions:

  1. What excited me?

  2. What makes me come alive?

  3. What brings me the greatest joy?

Here's the ONE thing you have to know about Passion... if you're not on fire about you, who you are, why you are here, and what you are creating then others around you won't feel it. The reason you are deeply connected to your favorite brands is because you feel deeply connected to their Passion on a soul level.

Passion attracts.
Passion magnifies.
Passion polarizes

Passion is the unseen force that draws people and events into your jet stream.

It is an unseen force that has immense power to connect your soul with the soul of the universe. It creates the momentum, takes you from NO WHERE to NOW HERE. Passion gets your jets fueling. It's the lifeforce that keeps on ticking and when you are clear on WHY you are here and supercharged about the ONE thing you are creating then you can't help but shoot for the moon and land on a star.

You have to make your VISION real in the mind, heart and soul. It's not enough to simply want it, you have to FEEL it on all cylinders to be able to break through the shell and enter people's hearts. In a world that is disconnecting us and the things that truly matter at a rapid rate, it is even more essential that you make the climb into your heart and soul and begin to ignite the deeper levels of Passion that burn deep within you.

Here's the great thing about igniting your deeper Passion... once ALIVE you will be amazed at the things you can achieve and the unbridled joy that will light up your heart and soul.

Remember, Life is about dancing with your soul.

If you are ready to IGNITE your deeper Passion then consider enrolling your soul into WHU U: the school for the soul. Join Angela Kontgen and I as we take you and eleven amazing humans on a journey to the soul.

Enrol your soul @

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