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The 'Gift'

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

"The greatest gift we can give a fellow human being is the realization of WHY we are here."
~ Gerry Visca

As I approach my 50th year on this earth, I've arrived at a deeper realization that we spend a third of it unconsciously living it. Think about it.

· We build.

· We chase.

· We consume.

· We climb.

We live unconsciously as 'doing machines' instead of helping one another remember that we are 'human beings.' Each one of us was born with a deeper purpose, a light that was meant to scorch the skies. How do we begin to unwrap this 'gift'? By asking and living the question: Why am I here?

In the end, what our soul truly craves is peace and an inner knowing of why we are here.

Throughout my journey of inspiring 1 Million WHY's in this precious world I have arrived at a deeper understanding that the greatest gift we can present a fellow human being is the acceptance of our soul's true purpose. When we collectively choose to unite and define a new ROI for the world, one where we Reach Out and Inspire one another, we will elevate humanities deeper reason for being.

As an 18-time transformational author and inspirational speaker, the energy from my audiences reveal that we have forgotten what it means to simply 'be'. When you arrive at the realization that your deeper WHY is an inspired 'way of being' you will choose to invest your precious time in 'being what you seek'. A great way to ignite this deeper awareness is to simply decide what you want others to experience. When this profound insight ignited my soul I chose to become 'inspirational'. This is what I truly wanted for others; to be 'in-spirit' with their life purpose. With every inspired action the 'WAY' revealed itself with greater clarity and purpose. Your WHY ignites the WAY.

Somewhere along mankind's quest to exert its dominion upon the world, we have forsaken our gift of 'being human'. One only needs to look up from their buzzing devices to witness the so-called 'connection age' we have created is 'disconnecting' us all from one another and from the 'truth' of who we really are and what we are meant to be.

Why does this matter?

From the many Why Time sessions I experience with a fellow human being; a one-on-one conversation with their soul, people share with me that they are overwhelmed and seeking a greater sense of inner peace.

Someone dear to me recently passed away. They had spent their whole life living as a 'doing machine' and in the last few words his soul whispered to me: "Gerry, what did it all mean? Did my life matter?" I closed my eyes and pressed a hand to his heart and whispered in return the many ways his 'light force' had made an impact on me.

I believe we have all been given the 'gift of life' to realize our soul's true purpose. In my new transformational novel: Why am i here? I define 'time' as the gift of life in the present moment. Looking up and asking yourself: 'Why am I here?' is the first step; the invitation to the party and the bigger picture of your one precious life. The invitation invites a deeper awareness into your very being that we are so much more than physical bodies roaming the earth. Along your wondrous journey, you may even arrive at a deeper realization that all of us are here to 'be more' than just a tribe of shopping mall builders. Somehow, I would like to think that the last thought just before I leave this earth won't be if I paid the bills on time!

It is time we inspire one another to unwrap our hidden gifts; the passion and purpose that we all knew at a young age. That's what I love most about children, they are our greatest teachers. They are like a fresh snowfall, pure and unstained by the imprint of society telling them to 'do more'. There exists a purity and inner knowing of why their soul is truly here.

It's time for humanity to return to this inner knowing and the realization of our true purpose.

Contrary to what you have been conditioned to believe, each one of us is born with a deeper WHY that I define as the World Helped by You. Our education system and corporate enterprise has done very little to nurture this gift so it's up to all of us to create a world of meaning and purpose. A world that is free to explore what it means to know WHY! This is the gift we need to unwrap and it starts now with you in the present moment asking and living the only question that truly matters in the end.

Why am I here?

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